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If you're tired of the mess, help is at hand. 

If you're feeling overwhelmed by your stuff, you're not alone.  Mess can be stressful, especially when we lead such busy and full lives.    If your belongings are weighing you down, and holding you back from what you really want to be doing, it's time to deal with it!
You may not be overrun with mess, but somehow your home is not working for you.  Let's change that so you come home to joy!
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If you're reading this...

... then it's probably because you've had enough of the mess and stress.  Maybe you're reading this at 1am, and can't sleep because you're worried about how to start sorting your stuff.  Something's happened and you have to take action.  Good on you!
Maybe you're moving house soon, you work full time, have a young family, and you promised yourself you wouldn't move again with the same boxes (possibly still unopened from the last move!).
Or maybe you don't have too much mess or clutter, but your home, storage solutions or systems just aren't working properly.
  • Read on, it's going to get better...

With a bit of professional help...

... things can get a whole lot better.  And you'll be surprised how quickly you'll start to feel on top of things again.  Basically I help people live better in their homes.  But what defines 'better' can vary wildly between people.

If you want to bring more order and calm to your home but not sure how to start, or you want to simplify your home life and put some good systems in place, then contact me.

My name is Leesa and I am a professional organiser, certified KonMari® Consultant, and your personal guide to getting past the mess and mayhem.  I'm ready to cheer you on and help you transform your life!

  • You can do this!

How I work

Tidying is a powerful tool, but it’s not the destination. The true goal of tidying is to clear away clutter so you can live the life you want.  Here's how I work with people.

How I work with you using the KonMari® Method of Tidying

I work with a wide range of people – from working parents with young families to retirees who are downsizing. 

I work with clients in their home, teaching them how to sort through their belongings in a methodical way, ‘joy-checking’ each item. 

What a client keeps is totally their choice.  I make no decisions, I simply guide.  But it's amazing how much a person will discard when I'm there to keep them on track, help with sorting, and remind them that the 'should keep' and 'just in case' items can go too.  The aim is to feel lighter.

I also suggest creative storage solutions and systems for making life easier.

What is the KonMari® Method of Tidying?

The KonMari Method (often called a ‘tidying festival’) was developed by Marie Kondo.  It is a simple but effective tidying method, ensuring you will never again relapse to clutter.  It uses a unique selection criterion – choosing what sparks joy!  Through tidying, you can reset your life and spend the rest of your life surrounded by the people and things that you love the most.

Other home organising services               

If learning the KonMari Method of tidying just isn't for you right now, that's fine, I also offer other in-home organising services:

  1. Getting started - a 1½ hour in-home strategy session (with tidy action plan to help get on top of things).

  2. Organise for you - I can come in and just organise your pantry, kitchen, wardrobe or bathroom.

  3. Moving home organising support - if you're moving into a new home, and want advice or help setting up good storage solutions.

Book a 15min chat

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Please note:  I currently operate in the Southern Highlands, Sydney, and Wollongong NSW, Australia.

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